A day in the life of redeployment - Clare Chester

A day in the life of redeployment - Clare Chester



Each morning I report to my line manager to inform her that I am well and that I am fit for work that day, by doing this it ensures she is aware of my health needs before I travel to work with SA.

I check my emails and usually catch up with the rest of the team in our group Microsoft Teams chat. Having been redeployed it could be easy to distance yourself from your colleagues, so to ensure we all stay in touch and to keep morale up we just check-in and make sure everyone is ok, at times, this has been invaluable.

I leave home by 9.30 am as it takes me around an hour to get to my destination. My redeployment has been to support a young girl with special education needs and physical disability with her virtual school work. I am there to support her communication needs as she is profoundly deaf and to ensure she stays focused on her work.

When I arrive, we log on to her computer and link with her teacher who is also deaf, we complete a wooden calendar that includes the date, day, season, weather, temperature and how she is feeling that day, this is then hung up on the wall, so she can use it as a point of reference.

Over the two hours I am there she works on her maths, deaf studies, physical education, words, and general school topics with a variety of teachers. I leave after two hours and then drive home.

When home I start by checking my emails and replying to any outstanding issues. The majority of the week is redeployment, during this COVID 19 pandemic and the remaining hours are dedicated to my usual role. I still have my own customers from my role as community co-ordinator and even though I am unable to meet them, it is important to keep in contact with them to make sure they are ok and to see if there is any work I can send them if they are bored, generally this is not the case! I complete a review over the phone once a month. I have regular supervision with my team leader and I may be working on my own customers' files to ensure I am all ready for when the restrictions are lifted.

I feel privileged to be redeployed as it has been a great opportunity for me to use my signing skills and to feel like I am making a difference to a young person’s education during this strange time. I have loved getting to know SA and feel we have formed a good working relationship.

Clare Chester

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